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People with the initials: CDL

Cristian Ledesma

Camillus Lellis

Clarence Long

Cosimo Lanza

Cam Leon

Charles Lannoy

Chiswell Langhorne

Charles Lucas

Charlotte Laval

Charles Lewis

Chiara Luca

Claude Longwy

Carlos Laura

Conrad Lichtenberg

Ciriaco Llano

Charles Lauzirika

Chauncey Leake

Consort Liu

Charles Lindsay

Charles Luynes

Chaim Lippe

Christophe Longueil

Charles L'Épée

Claude Laval

Charles Lay

Charles Lambert

Colinet Lannoy

Charles Lambert

Claude Lorimier

Claude Lannoy

Charles Lawrence

Chi Luong

Clemente Lantano

Charles Leedy

Cristobal Leon

Cong Le

Charlotte Lozier

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