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People with the initials: CEC

Cà Chávez

Carol Channing

Cristian Chivu

Charles Conder

Cha Cha

Carl Cramer

Charles Chauvel

Chetan Chitnis

Carl Christiansen

Choon Chew

Charles Coffin

Charles Chamberlain

Claude Cady

Christie Claridge

Clarence Case

Carlos Castro

Caspar Creuziger

Christopher Clarke

Charles Clutterbuck

Charles Corea

Carl Conrad

Charles Clark

Charles Cornish

Caroline Clark

Celso Capdevila

Clara Clement

Cyril Cain

Charles Clarke

Charles Cropley

Charles Clark

Charles Cheney

Charles Colton

Charles Coridon

C Creed

Charles Culley

Charles Curzon

Charles Cawley

Charles Chapel

Charles Catcheside-Warrington

Charles Casgrain

Charles Camidge

Clara Cummings

Celestin Clasquin

Cristian Canuhé

Charles Cate

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