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People with the initials: CFB

Charles Brush

Christian Bach

Charles Burgess

C Bryant

Charles Browne

C Bergsten

Carl Bally

Carl Bricka

Claudio Beaumont

Claude Bragdon

Christoph Bretzner

Charles Briggs

Christian Boetius

Christian Beyers

Charles Buck

Colin Barron

Carlo Bizzaccheri

Charles Bennett

Carl Bruch

Charles Bartberger

Charles Beyer

Christian Barth

Carlo Biscarra

Charles Bolton

Charles Bishop

Charles Burney

Constant Burille

Charles Batchelder

Charles Barclay

Carlos Borcosque

Charles Booher

Cyrille Bella

Carl Burke

Charlotte Bates

Colin Blackden

Camille Bedin

Christian Boerner

Chauncey Black

Charles Belcher

Charles Barham

Carl Björling

Carl Bunaes

Christopher Baker

Charles Blake-Forster

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