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People with the initials: EAC

Eugene Cernan

Eric Cornell

Ernest Coombs

Edward Clark

Emelio Caligdong

Eugene Carr

Emilio Cruz

Ernst Couturier

Erwin Cain

Elie Cohen

Ernest Corey

Enrique Castellanos

Ernst Coxhead

Ernst Coccius

Elford Cederberg

Edgar Collard

Edward Cowper

Edward Cox

Elijah Cox

Edward Clary

Edgar Christian

Evan Cole

Edward Clark

Edgar Christian

Elof Carlson

Edward Chapin

El Chentouf

Emmanuel Cristori

Ernest Cruikshank

Edward Clampitt

Edward Carr

Emil Ciccotelli

Edward Colquhoun

Elisha Crary

Eyakub Chowdhury

Emory Chase

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