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People with the initials: GDL

Gustaf Laval

Guillaume Lorris

Gordon Lilo

Guido Lavezaris

G Low

Graham Leonard

Gaetano Lai

Girolamo Libri

Georg Leyding

Gilbert Lacy

Georges Layens

Guy Lioncourt

Guerrino Luca

Guillaume Lamoignon

Guy Luget

George Lundberg

Giovanni Lombardi

Godefroi Leigni

Geoff Litherland

Gabriel Luetz

George Leslie

Gertrud Lalsky

Georg Laval

Gregorio Leo

Guy Lussigny

Grace Laguna

George Living

Gijsbert Leve

Gidago Laima

George Langridge

Geoffrey Luterel

Godfrey Luci

Galfred Liberatione

Guillaume Lhopital

Grace Litchfield

Garcia Loaysa

Gines Lillo

George Lamont

Gerardo León

Guglielmo Leoni

Gillet Laumont

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