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People with the initials: PDR

Pierre Ronsard

Philippe Rothschild

Philippine Rothschild

Paul Reid

Pablo Rokha

Pedro Ribera

Pedro Ribadeneira

Paon Roet

Pierre Rostegny

Prem Rai

Patrick Rousiers

Pieter Ring

Pierre Ryer

Pietro Rimini

Pieter Rudder

Paul Robinson

Paul Rapin

Peter Regalado

Patricia Robins

Pedro Rojas

Paul Rio

Peter Ridder

Praveen Rao

Peter Rivaux

Peter Ramsey

Padma Reddy

Philip Ross

Pieter Ruelles

Peter Roo

Peter Rivo

Pierre Rivaz

Paul Remusat

Piero Rimini

Phillippe Rullecourt

Peter Ru

Percy Robb

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