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People with the initials: RES

Richard Smalley

Richard Schultes

Rodney Slater

Reverend Stone

Richard Sloan

Richard Shope

Ron Sparks

Robert Smith

Roque Scarpa

Richard Saul

Reginald Stubbs

Ralph Sheffield

Raemer Schreiber

Roger Sims

Robert Speer

Robert Shadoin

Roger Summons

Robert Smith

Ricardo Silva

Robert Seiler

Rudolf Stier

Robert Strahorn

Ralph Sharman

Richard Snyder

Robert Sawyer

Robert Sherwood

Robert Swanson

Riley Stratton

Robert Stong

Robert Sommers

Roy Steckel

Robert Scott

Richart Slusher

Richard Sutton

Robert Stiemke

Robert Sandiford

Ralph Stead

Russell Smith

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