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People with the initials: RWS

Roger Sperry

Robert Seton-Watson

Ralph Sockman

Robert Shields

Richard Semon

Robert Stopford

Robert Stoddard

Roy Sellars

Robert Steele

Richard Smith

Robert Shufeldt

Reginald Skelton

Rodney Smith

Ronald Schafer

Robert Shaw

Robert Sievier

Robert Stannard

Robert Simmons

Richard Scott

Richard Stewart

Robert Simpson

Ralph Stewart

Robert Strong

Roger Stoller

Russell Skerman

Reginald Sorensen

Richard Sundeleaf

Robert Spence

Ronald Shephard

Reuben Stroud

Robert Sawyer

Robert Smith

Robert Stewart

Richard Suesens

Raymond Starr

Rose Sedgewick

Robert Steel

Reginald Sartorius

Rodney Sawford

Robert Smith

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