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People with the initials: WAB

William Bishop

Walter Bahr

Wilson Bentley

William Burt

Wesley Brown

William Brown

William Buckingham

Washington Bartlett

Wade Blasingame

Wafa Bass

William Brown

Wilhelm Becker

William Barstow

Wallace Battle

William Bone

William Bloomfield

Weston Bate

WIlliam Butler

William Blackburne

William Brown

Wallace Bickley

Walter Berendsohn

William Butler

William Bain

William Browne

William Bayly

William Beynon

William Brand

William Bromfield

William Bowdler

William Baker

William Bootle

William Beller

Wieslaw Berger

William Bond

William Boucher

William Boys

Wilhelmus Brakel

William Baillie-Hamilton

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