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People with the initials: WCS

W Stone

Wallace Sabine

Wilfred Smith

Warren Smith

William Sullivan

William Sproul

William Sarpalius

Walter Smith

William Symonds

William Sherrod

Wai So

William Swaim

William Streatfeild

Washington Santos

William Smithers

Worthington Smith

William Shelly

William Smith

Winifred Stanley

William Salmon

William Skurla

William Stone

William Samuels

Waltraut Seitter

William Scully

William Smith

Wegger Stroemmen

William Somerville

William Stuart

Wilhelm Suhrke

William Sutherland

William Sadlier

William Sawyer

William Schroeder

William Smith

William Steadman

William Smith

William Simons

William Smith

William Stadie

William Sellé

Wallace Simonsen

William Smith

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