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People with the initials: WDB

Wolfgang Beer

William Borders

Wayne Barlowe

Waldemar Brito

William Braose

Walter Bannard

Walter Burgh

William Bloxham

Wassily Basil

William Beauchamp

William Billingsley

William Boies

William Beauchamp

Walter Burnham

William Bell

William Brohn

Walter Bliss

Wouly Bie

William Benton

Walter Boyd

Wilder Bancroft

Wubbo Boer

William Bissett

William Blois

William Brackenridge

William Botreaux

William Bishop

William Brayton

William Beauchamp

William Bynum

William Barrett

Walter Baltrodin

William Brantingham

Walter Bermingham

William Blois

Walter Bidun

William Billings

William Botreaux

Walter Brugge

Walter Beauchamp

William Baxter

William Barnetson

William Bowie

William Beaufeu

W Berry

Willie Bowles

William Bardelby

William Brind

William Bondington

William Braose

William Browning

Wesley Black

William Brit

William Burgh

William Botreaux

Willem Blécourt

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