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People with the initials: AVR

Albrecht Roon

Alliot Roe

Alfred Reumont

Anselm Rothschild

Adriaan Roomen

Anthon Rappard

Adrian Renteln

Albertus Raalte

Alois Reding

Annemarieke Rumpt

Anton Rooy

Aluru Rao

Abraham Riebeeck

Arthur Ramberg

August Rothmund

Arnold Roon

Anantha Reddy

Alfons Rosthorn

Aleksandr Rosenberg

Adriana Ravenswaay

Anja Rekowski

A Randall

Alin Rus

Andrei Romanov

Aleksei Rubin

Albrecht Rapperswil

Arnold Ravesteyn

Anton Rosas

Antonio Romero

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