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People with the initials: CBB

Charles Brown

Carl Boyer

Charles Barber

Chandrasekhar Bhave

Charles Bonnin

Catherine Benson

Charles Birch

C Bousman

Clifton Briley

Charlotte Brown

Charles Brownson

Cacilda Barbosa

Clifton Beach

Charles Balfour

Claude Barry

Cathy Bean

Claire Bird

Clarke Beard

Charles Blackmar

Christopher Berendt

Clara Baker

Cyril Barraud

Clas Brathen

Charles Benedict

Charles Birkett

Charles Blondeau

Chauncey Brewster

Cornelis Biezeno

Carl Bartels

Charles Blackburn

Charles Bulkeley-Johnson

Claude Burgess

Celestino Bacale

Cramer Brothers

Carthach Breathnach

Cypriano Bettamio

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