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People with the initials: CDC

Charlene Carvalho-Heineken

Cima Conegliano

Charles Courson

Christian Castries

Catherine Castelbajac

Comte Caylus

Camille Casabianca

Chuck Caro

Charlotte Cardeza

Conrado Campo

Charles Croisset

Christian Chalonge

Clarence Chamberlin

Carlo Castellamonte

Carlos Cruz

Chantal Chevron-Villette

Colijn Coter

Corentin Chatelperron

Charles Coffin

Carlos Castro

Carlos Castagneto

Charles Carter

Charles Curtis

C Clemente

Clara Chatelain

Charles Cameron

Carlos Campos

Charles Chandler

Colin Campbell

C Cummings

Charles Cooper

Collet Collet

Charles Coyle

Consort Cao

Charles Clark

Charles Cannon

Cedric Cromwell

Catherine Chatterley

Charles Chassiron

Clarence Coughlin

Charles Cook

Charles Cuming

Charles Condamy

Cristóvà Costa

Cristobal Castillejo

Charles Caze

Charles Croy

Celio Castro

Charles Chambrun

Claude Choiseul-Francieres

Cecil Crabb

Cesar Cesare

Carlos Cardenas

Carlos Cardenas

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