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People with the initials: CEB

Christopher Bangle

Christopher Bowen

Carlo Bonferroni

Carlo Buscaglia

Clifford Bosworth

Charles Bessey

Carl Bock

Carl Bailey

Charles Broadhurst

Charles Bennett

Charles Benham

Cecilia Biagioli

Charles Beecher

Carlos Bizarro

Charles Beury

C Baker

Charles Biset

Claudio Benetti

Christopher Broome

Carol Barnett

Charles Blackett-Ord

Charles Brown

Chuck Banks

Charles Beatty

Christopher Byrne

Campbell Beaumont

Charles Barns

Carl Brandt

Charles Boniface

Charles Beule

Charles Brown

Clement Brocklebank

Charles Breese

Charles Button

Charles Bright

Charles Bernard

Colin Bennett

Clarence Bennett

Charles Boucher

Charles Briseux

Charles Boutibonne

Charles Bothwell

Charles Bruce

Catherine Beveridge

Charles Bertrand

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