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People with the initials: CMB

Christopher Benoit

Carl Brashear

Claudia Buch

Carl Bellman

Cedella Booker

Cruz Bustamante

Cicely Barker

Cecilia Brainard

Corey Bringas

Cleveland Bailey

Cathy Buchanan

Charles Bouton

Charles Barclay-Harvey

Colin Barber

Connie Berry

Conni Brazelton

Charles Bair

Chernor Bah

Carlo Badini

Charles Bogert

Carlos Balmelli

Charlotte Brame

Chrysanthos Bostantzoglou

Clement Butler

Christopher Brown

Christine Berkhout

Claes Bontenbal

Charles Baker

Charles Bo

Charles Bakewell

Charles Borchers

Charles Bowman

Charles Baggs

Caitriona Beggs

Caspar Brosius

Charles Bell

Cynthia Beath

Clement Bailhache

Charles Bedard

Claude Blagden

Chandler Brooks

Carl Bergh

Cemal Bulutoglulari

Cellach Brain

Cecilia Barthélemon

Charles Begg

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