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People with the initials: CWB

Charles Beebe

Carl Bell

Clifford Beers

Charles Bateman

Claude Black

Caroline Bynum

Clarence Barron

Catherine Bruce

Charles Barkley

Carl Borchardt

Charles Buttz

Carl Boeck

Catharine Barnes

Christian Braune

Coplestone Bampfylde

Caspar Bell

Charles Bell

Christopher Bunting

Charlie Blair

Constantine Benson

Cecil Bishop

Crawford Bridges-Maxwell

Charles Bardeen

Curt Bondy

Charles Bowerman

Charles Bigge

Clinton Blume

C Beales

Charles Boswell

Carolyn Branagan

Calvin Bess

Christian Berger

Charles Brashares

Charles Burpee

Charles Bell

Charles Buckley

Charles Baillie-Hamilton

Count Butler

Cecil Buckley

Carl Bottiger

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