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People with the initials: FWS

Franz Stahlecker

Frederick Shotton

Frederik Stabell

Frederick Stevens

Friedrich Schadow

Franklin Stahl

Franz Seiwert

Friedrich Schneidewin

Frederick Simms

Frank Stokes

Frederick Solms-Braunfels

Friedrich Schultz

Foster Stearns

Frank Simpson

Frederick Sladen

Frederick Stickney

Frederick Sievers

Friedrich Schulz

Frederick Sanderson

Frederick Savidge

Fred Swanton

Franz Schweigger-Seidel

F Schnell

Frank Shipston

Frederick Sykes

Frederick Skiff

Felix Spiers

Francis Stronge

Frederick Sumner

Friedrich Seiffer

Frederick Strange

Finn Sorensen

Francis Sheilds

Felix Schlockmaster

Friedrich Schafke

Frederick Sears

Frederick Spring

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