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People with the initials: GAR

Gioachino Rossini

George Rekers

Gene Ray

George Robinson

Giovanni Ristori

Geert Roorda

Gruffydd Rhys

Gustaf Reuterholm

Godfrey Rockefeller

Guy Rohan-Chabot

Gustavo Ramos

George Reid

Gaius Regulus

Gary Russell

Geoffrey Rowley-Conwy

Giovanni Rigatti

G Richardson

Gustave Richolet

Gely Rahman

Giovanni Ratti

Galina Rumiantseva

Gaston Robbins

Gertude Ram

Georg Rudolph

Georg Rollett

George Ross

Gerald Rosselot

George Rix

Grace Rood

George Reay

George Renny

George Robertson

George Ricker

Gismalla Rassas

Geir Rognø

Gustave Rouxel

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