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People with the initials: GBS

George Shaw

George Shea

General Singh

Giovanni Sammartini

Giuditta Sidoli

Gjin Shpata

Giovanni Scalabrini

Giovanni Somis

Gladys Stern

George Sloan

Giovanni Savelli

Germano Sobrinho

George Sansom

Giovanni Soria

Green Samuels

Giovanni Scaramelli

Guy Stearns

Giovanni Sangallo

Giordano Sanzin

George Sudworth

George Smith

George Simonds

Giovanni Sidotti

Gregory Smith

George Scott

George Smith

George Smith

Grace Schaible

Guru Singh

George Simpson

Gamal Salem

George Sloane

George Snell

Giovanni Stefaneschi

George Scurfield

Giovanni Spinola

Giovanni Sassi

Godfrey Samuelson

George Simpson

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