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People with the initials: GDR

Guy Rothschild

Gregory Roberts

Gilles Robien

Germaine Randamie

Gian Romagnosi

Gerard Ridefort

Girolamo Rada

George Relwyskow

Gerard Rooy

Gilles Roberval

Giovanni Robbia

Gonzage Reynold

George Robinson

Geraldo Rey

Giulio Rovere

Gaspar Rodas

Giovanni Riu

George Roerich

George Rowlandson

Gregory Rossi

Guillermo Rodríguez

Geraldo Rezende

George Ruggles

George Rowley

George Robb

Guillelma Rosers

Gualberto Rosario

Geoffrey Runcey

Guillermo Riego

Gilles Roye

Gaetan Rosnay

Grandison Royston

Georges Regibus

Giovanni Rubertis

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