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People with the initials: GHS

Guy Stockwell

Ghulam Shaheed

George Sabine

Gabriel Silva

Georg Sieveking

George Sharpe

G Stine

George Seymour

George Shull

Georg Schnell

Gordon Steege

George Sanderson

Ghulam Shaggan

Gholam Saedi

George Strutt

George Smyth

George Smillie

George Stokes

George Stanton

Ghulam Safi

George Skinner

George Scott

Gustav Schmischke

Gilbert Scribner

Georges Sabbagh

George Speltz

Gottfried Stölzel

George Strutt

George Strohsahl

George Swanston

George Stancer

Gholam Sadighi

Georg Struve

G Sallans

Ghulam Sofi

Gerald Supple

George Smith

George Sumner

George Smith

G Smith

Gerald Summers

Garnet Saunders

George Stuart-Bunning

George Schodde

George Slight

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