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People with the initials: LDC

Luis Colosio

Lincoln Chaffee

Lorenzo Credi

Lady Cooper

Louise Coligny

Lee Crocker

Louis Cazenave

Lord Cecil

Luis Carlos

Lorna Cervantes

Laura Condominas

Lancelot Casteau

Louis Cahusac

Lamberto Costa

Louis Casabianca

Luis Cordero

Louis Cormontaigne

Leslie Cannold

Luz Castro

Linda Campbell

Louis Couret

Lydia Cruz

Louis Champsavin

Louisa Carpenter

Luciano Castillo

Lapo Carlo

Lapo Castiglionchio

Louis Cessart

Louis Culant

Laurie Cox

Lionel Clay

Lodovico Campofregoso

Luis Carabajal

Lewis Charlton

Louis Courcillon

Louis Chastillon

Lorenzo Collins

Lewis Claremont

Leverett Chipman

Lauchlin Currie

Lucius Copeland

Laurent Chazelles

Lucas Clercq

Lady Crosfield

Louise Croy

Louis Callieres

Louis Carrieres

Luis Carvajal

Luis Cortazar

Luis Calvo

Louis Crestou

Luis Cunha

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