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People with the initials: WAM

Wolfgang Mozart

William Morgan

Wellington Martins

Wendel Meldrum

Wakil Muttawakil

William Massey

Wentworth Matthew

William Miller

William Mathieu

William Mann

William Muhlenberg

William Moseley

William Mobley

William McCaw

William McGuire

William Macdonald

Wilkin Mota

William Mills

William Merchant

W McCollough

William McArthur

William McQueen

Walter Mello

William Mulcahy

Wayne Merton

William Montagu

Wendell Miles

William Murray

William McDonald

W Morris

William McLennan

William Mouat

William Moffett

William Morehead

William Macleod

William Mahoney

William Maury

William Mowry

William Mackinnon

William Mott

Wilhelm Mauseth

William McCulla

William Macmaster

William Macdonell

William McCleverty

William Mackenzie

William Mackinnon

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