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People with the initials: WEB

Warren Buffett

Warren Burger

William Boeing

Walter Block

William Borah

W Brown

William Branch

Wesley Baker

Werner Bachmann

William Barclay

William Burton

William Brock

Walter Baum

William Barrett

Wayland Barber

William Barrett

Wynne Baxter

William Buchan

William Blackstone

William Baker

William Boulter

Walter Brehm

Webster Brown

Wesley Brown

William Brooks

William Bergin

Warren Brandon

William Bowman

Walter Brown

William Birkhimer

William Britt

William Bailiff

William Barton

William Butler

William Baxter

William Bottrill

William Briggs

William Brymer

William Baily

William Berrett

Walter Bagnall

W Brandon

William Beckel

Wilhelm Bredal

William Bauer

Wilhelm Brodtbeck

William Beck

William Burney

Willem Bok

Walter Bush

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